XMOON projects

XMOON Big Family Building

1. Research and Planning:
- Evaluate market and user requirements for XSWAP and XDEX.
- Identify security audit needs and brand imaging.

2. Product Development:
- Begin prototyping XSWAP and XDEX.
- Implement core features such as trading, liquidity pools, and token listing.
- Select a security audit firm to review code and infrastructure.

3. Marketing and Community:
- Launch project website and social media channels.
- Build an initial community base through social campaigns and promotions.

Targets we must achieve: XMoon will try to move quickly in its goal to always be part of the pioneers of the future!

1. Product Testing:
- Alpha and beta testing for XSWAP and XDEX.
- Continuous improvements based on user feedback and testing results.

2. Security Audit:
- Conduct an external security audit by Certik to ensure code security and reliability.
- Review overall project infrastructure for resilience against attacks.

3. Ecosystem Development:
- Collaborate with other projects for XSWAP and XDEX integrations.
- Launch incentive programs for liquidity and user participation.

In this phase we are targeting everyone to talk about the beauty of the moon #XMOON

1. Official Launch:
- Officially launch XSWAP and XDEX to the public.
- Large-scale marketing campaigns to attract new users.
- Enhance customer service and technical support.
2. CEX Listings:
- Secure listings on major CEX platforms such as OKX, Gate io, MexC, Bybit.
- Coordinate marketing efforts with CEX partners to maximize exposure.
3. Further Development:
- Enhance features and functionalities of XSWAP and XDEX based on user feedback.
- Research and development to add new products aligned with project vision.
4. Growth and Expansion:
- Market expansion to increase liquidity and adoption.
- Further collaborations with other projects and DeFi platforms to expand the ecosystem.
5. Regular Audits:
- Conduct periodic security audits to ensure ongoing security.
- Adopt security improvements and updates according to industry standards.

in 2024 #moon are waiting for you!